Sunday, September 22, 2019

Sedgwick '73 [Reclaiming the Hall of Great Americans by replacing Stephen Foster with DJ Kool Herc]

Thanks to the Art Department, Public Safety and the archivists at Bronx Community College

who assembled an exhibition that included my works and those of Rich Garr in the Hall of Fame Gallery on campus

and enabled Rich Garr and I on Saturday, September 21st

to assemble a processional from

1520 Sedgwick Ave., the birthplace of hip-hop in the pivotal year of 1973

to the

Hall of Fame for Great Americans

to symbolically replace

Stephen Foster

in the Hall of Fame for Great Amercians

with DJ Kool Herc

Special thanks to the intrepid hikers who joined Rich in the mile long processional/Street Art Tour that bridged the divide between the fortress like campus and the surrounding community, those from inside the campus gate who assembled to greet them and those who spoke at the symbolic induction!

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  1. In retrospect this right here is a great little documentation, Howard! Especially because there was almost no press at the [quite large] opening festivities (or documentation that I can find). Seemingly foreshadowing disinvestment in this show, the title was changed from "Reclaiming the Hall" to "Diversity in Public Art" [rolling eyes emoji].