Sunday, December 21, 2014

Erasure, a new essay for the Anna Pierrepont Series, has been published in Newfound: An Inquiry of Place

A graphic essay that I authored in the Fall of 2014 has been published in the literary ejournal, Newfound: An Inquiry of Place in their Winter 2014 issue, The editors at Newfound were extraordinarily committed to integrating my vision for Erasure into the format of this beautiful publication. I fulling enjoyed the collaboration with Newfound's principals and believe that the product of the effort is visually exciting and evocative. Please join me in support and appreciation for this wonderful publication and their support of experimental writers and artists.
"Calatrava's Transit Hub at Ground Zero, Oil stick, oil pastel, chalk pastel, colored and graphite pencils on paper, 2014"

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Two works, Doughboy from Prospect Park and Woman and Child from Brooklyn War Memorial, were published in 3 Elements Review

Two works from the Anna Pierrepont Series were published in the Fall edition of 2 Elements Review. The works, "Woman and Child from the Brooklyn War Memorial" and "Prospect Park Doughboy" were featured in a two page spread and "Prospect Park Doughboy" was used as the backplate. Three Elements' issues are organized around writers and artists creating works around three words per issue. The words for the Fall issue were Doppelgänger, Bludgeon and Dirge. The works in the Fall 2014 Fifth issue were included under the title "Brooklyn Dirge". The images can be viewed, along with the other works in the issue, by clicking this link Please consider supporting literary journals such as '3 Elements' to encourage their mission to feature literary works and works of art.
"Doughboy and Spectral Figure with Veil, 14" x 17", Oil stick, oil pastel, color and graphite pencils, chalk pastel on paper, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Postscript for the Out of Order show

I Brought an Ikea bag to the Red Hook waterfront to pick up the three pieces that were on display from the Anna Pierrepont Series at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.

I went to the wall that the works were displayed upon and found it empty.

BWAC volunteers searched the floor for the works, as a new show was being installed.

Ultimately, a volunteer, Judith, holding a electric screw driver, told me that the works had been 'sold'.

A woman, Paulina V., had been coming each day that the show was open right before closing for the night, and that on August 9th, she had claimed all three!

Judith haggled with Paulina for an amount for the three works and the proceeds were donated to BWAC.

Will keep you updated.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Anna Pierrepont Series works exhibited at Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition exhibition - Out of Order, weekends July 26th-August 17th, 2014

These three works from the Anna Pierrepont Series are currently on display in the Summer Group Exhibition at BWAC, please check out the BWAC site for additional information, Will be present this Saturday, July 26th from 2-6 pm. All of these works are 14" x 17" framed works on paper:

Brooklyn War Memorial

America from the Customs House, Battery in Manhattan

Allegorical Figure from the Mahattan Bridge Entrance, Chinatown

All these drawings were created in the Summer 2014.

This is my first exhibition with the completely cooperative BWAC community. I worked there Wednesday, July 23rd and surveyed the artists that I am showing with and a companion jury show opening the same day, entitled 'Color'. Both shows have a large number of quite strong works and few places in Brooklyn are as beautiful as the Red Hook shoreline. Red Hook is a community devastated by Hurricane Sandy, including BWAC and others sharing space with it. The recovery has been painstaking, but the exhibition space is in fine shape.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Anna Pierrepont pictures published in the 2014 Second Issue of Slag Magazine, entitled 'Return

Works from the Anna Pierrepont Series were published in a beautiful new issue of Slag Magazine, along with works that concern the idea of 'return'. The creator of Slag Magazine envisions Slag Magazine as a portal for artistic dialog. All of the contributing artists' emails are listed towards the front of the issue and readers are encouraged to reach out to contributing artists and engage in conversation about the themes raised in their submittals. My theme was figurative funerary monuments in Greenwood Cemetery that celebrate the essential identities of the deceased. Check 'em out and contribute to the conversation!


In these latest images that I have created for the Anna Pierrepont Project are investigations of color. I called the images in the last posting, whites because I love to draw marble sculptures that are framed against magnificent neoclassical civic buildings such as the Customs House in Manhattan's Battery and the Appellate Division next to Madison Square Park. Europe, of course, is thick with sculptures of this sort and NYC only has a handful. I love these motifs because it enables me to explore the colors that dance in front of my field of vision. These new postings are explorations of color and I am quite excited about them.
Whenever I have an opportunity, I return to the Battery to draw the allegorical figures of the continents by the Customs House. This is Asia framed against the green windows of the quite undistinguished Two Broadway. Worked at One Broadway for a decade and these green windows were a visual touchstone of my life.
At Bronx Community College, is the Hall of Fame Gallery where I have returned repeatedly to draw the bronze busts of great Americans framed against yellow and brunt orange bricks of adjacent buildings and a barrel vaulted, beige covered arcade. The windows behind the busts reflect blue instead of the green of Two Broadway.