Monday, August 25, 2014

Postscript for the Out of Order show

I Brought an Ikea bag to the Red Hook waterfront to pick up the three pieces that were on display from the Anna Pierrepont Series at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.

I went to the wall that the works were displayed upon and found it empty.

BWAC volunteers searched the floor for the works, as a new show was being installed.

Ultimately, a volunteer, Judith, holding a electric screw driver, told me that the works had been 'sold'.

A woman, Paulina V., had been coming each day that the show was open right before closing for the night, and that on August 9th, she had claimed all three!

Judith haggled with Paulina for an amount for the three works and the proceeds were donated to BWAC.

Will keep you updated.