Sunday, May 6, 2018

'Captain America on the Battlefields of Brooklyn' published in FreezeRay

I am thrilled to announce that my pictorial essay

'Captain America on the Battlefield of Brooklyn' has been published in the May 2018 issue (no. 15) of FreezeRay

The work tracks the presence of a statue to Captain America 'Just a Kid from Brooklyn' on places where the largest battle of the American Revolution, the Battle of Brooklyn, had been fought to a disastrous end and whose memory has been effectively erased.

The essay compares in words and plein air drawings, the fictionalized exploits of Captain America with the imagined exploits of a revolutionary era farmhand who fought, became a prisoner of war and who perished on the same battlefields where Captain America suddenly appeared in 2016.

Edited by Rob Sturma, FreezeRay explores our relationships between the pop culture we consume (comic books, movies, television, music, video games, etc) and ourselves.

Thanks to all!