Saturday, February 10, 2018

Works from the Anna Pierrepont Series featured in City Key [including a meditation on cities falling out of love with monuments]

Thanks to Ayesha Hamid for featuring works from the Anna Pierrepont Series in the exploration of the city of mind, The City Key.

I received notification of the publication sitting on a ledge in the enormous and darkened room especially built to hold the Temple of Dendur at the Met.

The lights had been turned low and the Met was offering an evening reception for arts educators.

My words describe the process within which cities fall out of love with public monuments. I wrote them during the fall.

I was reading them in the following February in a room surrounded by the detritus from this process that the Met (for some reason) had chosen to valorize as I paged through my images of objects and empty spaces in NYC that are in the midst of the same transformation in the mind of this city that resulted in the Temple of Dendur ending up in Manhattan.

One statue featured is of Africa from the fa├žade of the Customs House in the Battery in Lower Manhattan. A classical nude with her head slumping onto her bare chest with her right arm slumped over a sphinx and her left slumped over a lion.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

My 2016 drawing of Lawson Dancing with His Granddaughter from Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn published in the Charles Carter Literary Magazine to illustrate a heart breaking poem by Seth Jani about the tragic death of migrants making the perilous crossing to Europe during the contemporary migrant crisis

The editors of the Charles Carter have very movingly incorporated my autumn 2016 drawing of Lawson and His Granddaughter from Green-Wood Cemetery (a motif that I have explored on numerous occasions) as a visual counterpoint to a poem by Seth Jani entitled 'Diving Lessons'. I thank them for this moving effort. The editors have also included a recitation of the piece. I include the first two lines of the poem

What we lost in the sea
Cannot be salvaged