Tuesday, April 5, 2016

My drawing of a bust of Edward Snowdon at Brooklyn Museum recorded in Blog post: http://raoreports.com/home/finding-edward-snowden/

Rheaa Rao, a journalist who I have collaborating with, has posted a montage of an on-site drawing that I created of a bust of Edward Snowdon on display at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in winter 2016.


Ms. Rao has been assisted by Daniela Castro and Johanna Chisholm

The bust, Prison Ship Martyrs Monument 2.0, was created by Andrew Tider and Jeff Greenspan among others.

Ms. Rao, Castro and Chisholm have recounted the extraordinary saga of the bust's journey from being installed by the artists for less than a day in Fort Greene Park in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The bust was removed from the Park by the New York City Parks and Police departments. It was recovered by the artists in a high profile legal proceeding and is currently installed in an exhibition entitled 'agitprop' at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

I have been drawing the bust and the bust's absence for my newest project for the Anna Pierrepont Series and discussing the work, along with Rheaa, with the artists.

The events surrounding the whiplash journey of the bust have exposed some of the most profound issues of our age, which I am exploring in words and drawings in my latest project.

Thanks to Rheaa, Daniela, Johanna, Andrew and Jeff and all the others who are advocating for the ideas that been swirling around the bust's creation and reception.