Monday, April 25, 2022

Works from Anna Pierrepont Series included in 'Who Writes History' at ArtsWestchester until July 2022

Thanks to the curators and installers at ArtsWestchester for featuring works from the Anna Pierrepont Series in 'Who Writes History?'

I include the guest curator, Randy Williams' comments on my work that was installed.

We are confronted with public monuments daily. We view some with committed visions and some with omitted visions. Howard Skrill's plein-air monuments drawing is a record of an aesthetic souvenir altered by public sentiments. His drawing acknowledges both the monument and community members' feelings about the monument. The artist illustrates how the public can create a conversation with public monuments. There is certainly the view that the monument is being defaced, but there is also an argument that the act of public response is a statement of empowerment. Howard Skrill's Plein-Air Drawing of a Monument teeters on ambiguity. He recognizes both the historical object as well as the contemporary response to the historical monument. He offers his viewer a lens through which to view this object from the past in discussion with voices from the present. The contemporary musings by the public have added a new chapter to the story of this monument.

Please click here to see the beautiful catalog

Thursday, January 20, 2022

My A. Jackson Splashed Red receives Mozaik Philanthropy award and exhibition

I am so excited and honored that my image 'A. Jackson Splashed Red' received a monetary award and pending exhibition by the wonderful folks at the Mozaik Philanthropy for their 'Ecosystem X' exhibition.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

A 'Letter to America' from the Anna Pierrepont Series in Arterrain

I am honored to have dozens of recent works featured in's Arterrain.


With the help of my editor, Nancy Geyer, my works on paper of the fate of public monuments in this monumental moment have been combined with words that collectively capture my record of this quickly unfolding present. Thanks also to the Editor and Chief of, Simmons Buntin. Not only did the folks at Terrain offer me this extraordinary platform but expedited its publication and believed these works qualify as a 'letter' to my beloved and deeply troubled fellow Americans.

Exhibition in France!


For six weeks in the summer and early fall of 2021, I participated in a virtual residency under the auspices of Mango III. Our residents were divided into two groups and I spent a wonderful and intense time with four amazing artists from India, Switzerland, the US, and Uruguay. We were ably led by the residency director, Mercedes Aliaga Pueyrredon from Argentina. Our efforts have culminated in an exhibition at LExpressior! in Marnay-Sur-Seine, France with an opening on 11-18-21