Thursday, October 2, 2014

Two works, Doughboy from Prospect Park and Woman and Child from Brooklyn War Memorial, were published in 3 Elements Review

Two works from the Anna Pierrepont Series were published in the Fall edition of 2 Elements Review. The works, "Woman and Child from the Brooklyn War Memorial" and "Prospect Park Doughboy" were featured in a two page spread and "Prospect Park Doughboy" was used as the backplate. Three Elements' issues are organized around writers and artists creating works around three words per issue. The words for the Fall issue were Doppelgänger, Bludgeon and Dirge. The works in the Fall 2014 Fifth issue were included under the title "Brooklyn Dirge". The images can be viewed, along with the other works in the issue, by clicking this link Please consider supporting literary journals such as '3 Elements' to encourage their mission to feature literary works and works of art.
"Doughboy and Spectral Figure with Veil, 14" x 17", Oil stick, oil pastel, color and graphite pencils, chalk pastel on paper, 2014