Thursday, September 10, 2015

Drawing of Brooklyn War Memorial featured as the cover for the Fall 2015 'Art Issue' of Red Savina Review

My work: Brooklyn War Memorial 5 from 2014 was featured as the cover image for Red Savina Review's Fall 2015 'Art Issue'. Although the work was featured so prominently, the Editor, Royce Grubic, commented about Brooklyn War Memorial 5, "nothing says art like a photo of a drawing of a sculpture—except maybe a mobile made from shrinky dinks, pot shards, used paint brushes, and pieces of quilts"

In honor of Royce's comments, I created a rectified readymade in his honor, modifying Marcel Duchamp's LHOOQ [she has a hot ass, elle a chaud au cul] with Royce's 'quip'