Monday, September 5, 2016

Brooklyn Daily Eagle provides quotes from my statement at the commemoration of the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in their Sept. 5th, 2016 issue

Please check out Rob Abruzzese's discussion of the commemoration of the prison ship martyrs of the Revolutionary war that took place on Sunday, August 27th.

Mr. Abruzzese discusses my remarks:

'A few speakers pointed out that those who sacrificed and fought in the war actually led similar lives to those who live in the area today. Of course, day-to-day activities are not the same, but the speeches painted a picture of people who weren’t soldiers, but rather ordinary people trying to get through their lives.

“The skateboarders [of today] experience joys and freedoms denied the earlier youth, yet the latter's untroubled abandon would not have transpired without the suffering and sacrifice of the former,” Skrill said.

“As I watch today’s youths frolic and play, I am fairly certain that had the young patriot youth been floating above the monument, he might have had the wistful desire to join them in their joyful American lives. After all, he was a child,” Skrill continued. “Having the opportunity closed to him by his sacrifice, he might have said of that sacrifice, ‘well done.’”

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