Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Anna Pierrepont Series featured in two installments in the beautiful zine Dodging the Rain!

I am grateful to Hana Nemeckova and her colleagues of Dodging the Rain for providing a two part platform for works from the Anna Pierrepont Series

The first post was on Monday, Jan. 7th, 2019 and the second will be on Monday, Jan. 14th.
I deeply appreciate their efforts to expand the audience for works from the series.

Monday, October 22, 2018

'Captain America on the Battlefields of Brooklyn' presented at the Graphic Justice Research Alliance Dscussions Conference, Oct, 20, 2018 at St, Francis College

Thanks to Dr. Nickie Phillips, Ph.D., Associate Professor in St. Francis College's Sociology & Criminal Justice, American Studies program and the Director, Center for Crime & Popular Cultures, her colleagues and St, Francis College for inviting me to discuss and show works from

'Captain America on the Battlefields of Brooklyn'

that was published in Freezeray Poetry's most recent edition [Poetry with a Pop], vol 15

I presented my remarks at the Graphic Justice Research Alliance's 2018 Discussion

GJRP 2018

at St. Francis on Oct. 20th, 2018.

The presenters in the all day conference described the cultural impact of criminality and justice on graphic novels and cartoons and the effect of graphic novels and cartoons on criminality and justice.

I discussed the placement of the statue of 'Capt' on Brooklyn's battlefields from the Revolutionary war..a war that has been effectively erased from public memory and in the context of theories of Nationalism that suggest that national identity is formed, in a significant degree, by fictions and 'historical error'. If you wish to read my comments, I uploaded them on Google Drive

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Madonnas....New and old works from the Anna Pierrepont Series and long ago together in exhibition at J-Collabo for Gowanus Open Studios 10-20/21, 2018

Along with other artists from the Park Slope Winsor Terrace Artist Group

I am proud to participate in my third Gowawus Open Studios

from 12-6 on Saturday, Oct. 20th and 21st, 2018

featuring a large acrylic painting on canvas from the 1990s

Woman Leaning over Walking Infant

combined with recent paintings from the Anna Pierrpont series

that feature similar themes.

The earlier painting appropriates a contemporary motif of motherly love and protection from a no longer extant magazine that in turn appropriates the theme from some of earlier works that I in turn appropriated in 2018.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

'Captain America on the Battlefields of Brooklyn' published in FreezeRay

I am thrilled to announce that my pictorial essay

'Captain America on the Battlefield of Brooklyn' has been published in the May 2018 issue (no. 15) of FreezeRay

The work tracks the presence of a statue to Captain America 'Just a Kid from Brooklyn' on places where the largest battle of the American Revolution, the Battle of Brooklyn, had been fought to a disastrous end and whose memory has been effectively erased.

The essay compares in words and plein air drawings, the fictionalized exploits of Captain America with the imagined exploits of a revolutionary era farmhand who fought, became a prisoner of war and who perished on the same battlefields where Captain America suddenly appeared in 2016.

Edited by Rob Sturma, FreezeRay explores our relationships between the pop culture we consume (comic books, movies, television, music, video games, etc) and ourselves.

Thanks to all!

Monday, April 9, 2018

My drawing of the Washington Square Arch is the cover art for the April 2018 issue of Five on Fifth

Thanks to the Mahdis Marzooghian and the rest of the editorial staff of Five on Fifth for featuring my image of the Washington Square Arch that dramatically introducing the April 2018 issue of the magazine.

The magazine publishes

'five short pieces on the fifth of every month'.

In my imaginings..the Fifth in the magazine's title is Fifth Avenue that begins (or ends) at the arch and that in the full picture is floating. Enjoy the artwork and the literary works that follow.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Works from the Anna Pierrepont Series featured in City Key [including a meditation on cities falling out of love with monuments]

Thanks to Ayesha Hamid for featuring works from the Anna Pierrepont Series in the exploration of the city of mind, The City Key.

I received notification of the publication sitting on a ledge in the enormous and darkened room especially built to hold the Temple of Dendur at the Met.

The lights had been turned low and the Met was offering an evening reception for arts educators.

My words describe the process within which cities fall out of love with public monuments. I wrote them during the fall.

I was reading them in the following February in a room surrounded by the detritus from this process that the Met (for some reason) had chosen to valorize as I paged through my images of objects and empty spaces in NYC that are in the midst of the same transformation in the mind of this city that resulted in the Temple of Dendur ending up in Manhattan.

One statue featured is of Africa from the fa├žade of the Customs House in the Battery in Lower Manhattan. A classical nude with her head slumping onto her bare chest with her right arm slumped over a sphinx and her left slumped over a lion.