Friday, August 14, 2015

Civic Virtue is published in Assisi: the Online Journal of Arts and Letters of St. Francis College edited by Dr. Wendy Galgan

For all of 2015, I have been writing and drawing for a major pictorial essay 'Civic Virtue' slated for publication along with other provocative essays, artworks and poetry in St. Francis College's literary journal, Assisi: the Online Journal of Arts and Letters edited by Dr. Wendy Galgan, Chair of St. Francis' English department. I teach Studio Arts and Arts Lecture at St. Francis.

Thanks to Dr. Galgan's efforts, Assisi is now available!

'Civic Virtue' primarily describes the amazing fate of 'The Triumph of Civic Virtue over Unrighteousness', a nearly one hundred year old sculpture by Frederick William MacMonnies that has, as a consequence of changing social mores, been subject to a version of 'Hot Potatoes' . 'Civic Virtue' can be accessed in a variety of ways, as a virtual magazine:

can be downloaded from Assisi's website:

and also from:


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