Tuesday, June 10, 2014


In these latest images that I have created for the Anna Pierrepont Project are investigations of color. I called the images in the last posting, whites because I love to draw marble sculptures that are framed against magnificent neoclassical civic buildings such as the Customs House in Manhattan's Battery and the Appellate Division next to Madison Square Park. Europe, of course, is thick with sculptures of this sort and NYC only has a handful. I love these motifs because it enables me to explore the colors that dance in front of my field of vision. These new postings are explorations of color and I am quite excited about them.
Whenever I have an opportunity, I return to the Battery to draw the allegorical figures of the continents by the Customs House. This is Asia framed against the green windows of the quite undistinguished Two Broadway. Worked at One Broadway for a decade and these green windows were a visual touchstone of my life.
At Bronx Community College, is the Hall of Fame Gallery where I have returned repeatedly to draw the bronze busts of great Americans framed against yellow and brunt orange bricks of adjacent buildings and a barrel vaulted, beige covered arcade. The windows behind the busts reflect blue instead of the green of Two Broadway.

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